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Reasons a Mobile Stage is Perfect for Your Event

The last thing you want to think about when organising an outdoor performance or concert is staging problems. The two most popular choices nowadays are a movable stage trailer that sets up mechanically and a stage made of small decks that a person can move. In comparison to a standard riser or Bil-jax deck stage, Mobile Crusade Stage Truck have a number of benefits that serve to guarantee the success of your event.

Setup Time

In some places, like street festivals, there is little time for setup before the event starts, and the area needs to be cleaned up quickly once guests have left. It might take hours or even days to set up and take down conventional deck stages and roof systems. Less than 45 minutes are needed for the smaller Mobile Evangelism Stage Truck to arrive at a location and set up. Your stagehand labour expenditures are reduced as a result. A moveable stage is a sole option if the location or venue has time constraints.

Mobile Stage Means Safety

Everyone’s main priority is to ensure the security of both guests and artists. You can be confident that the stage production is safe using a mobile stage. A Stageline mobile stage will stand its ground during a hurricane because it is built to withstand gusts of up to 110 mph. To attain this wind resistance, ballast or ground anchors are not necessary. The roof is also designed to accommodate huge loads of production lighting and sound equipment safely.

Promotional Banners

Large printed banners may be hung quickly and on all movable stages. Promotional banners substantially enhance an event’s impact and recall. Furthermore, they offer you a simple chance to sell event sponsorships. Unlike a conventional stage arrangement, you don’t require any additional structures for hanging banners. Additionally, banner use is considered in the Mobile Church Crusade Stage Truck wind rating! When flanked by vibrant banners, every stage appears great.

Easier To Set up

Using a moveable stage will save you a tonne of time. A regular, modular stage can take up to a day and a half, while the mobile stage can be set up in a few hours. The majority of rental firms for movable stages offer an operator to take care of assembling and managing the stage throughout your event.

Additionally offered are event production services, including video, lighting, and audio. It is also possible to put up a dance floor for visitors.

Small Footprint

Many stage roofs require extra room around them for outrigger legs or ground anchoring. With a stage dimension of 24 by 20 feet, a Stageline SL-100 doesn’t need outriggers or man lines on any side. As a result, there are no impediments in the audience’s line of sight as they approach the front. Since no ballast is blocking that space, you may cram tour buses or vendors into the side regions. Are you required to set up on a city street with two lanes without obstructing the sidewalk? For a mobile stage, this is not a concern.

Final Talk

When you rent a mobile stage for events from Sinoswan, you get a safe elevated platform, a roof and an optional rainproof wind wall. Your AV production business can hang lights and sound equipment from a portable stage with little difficulty and cost. Because there is no need for a separate stage, roof, and lighting support, the expense is reduced. Technical components are placed before the platform is raised to save money. Finally, a movable stage should be at the top of your list if you’re hosting an outdoor concert.

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